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“Experience and know - how come together with sophisticated equipment and production methods”
Last years, through our great potentials & infrastructures, NAYTEX managed to make a huge opening up in Industry & Energy market.

We provide repair & maintenance for any kind of motors & generators (medium / low voltage, AC / DC), regardless of the size & the weight.

We have established a sophisticated specialized production line, with independent sections at each stage of the repair process. Especially:

  • Dismantling & Cleaning - initial stages of the whole repair process are performed in separate areas, in order to avoid any negative & harmful effects because of residual waste. We also collect & treat all these waste through our permanent installations.

  • BURN OFF Procedure - old windings remove from the core, after BURN OFF oven treatment, without any harm to be caused and according to Internationl Standards. We are able to treat stators and rotors of almost any size, while keeping emissions at extremely low levels - after burner chamber with natural gas at 850oC.
  • Tests & Measurements - all needed tests & measurements - megger, step voltage, high potential - according to International Standards (IEEE, EASA etc) are performed through new digital instruments, our custom made test apparatus (high power - AC & DC motors), only by authorized personnel in a dedicated area, where all safety rules are followed.
  • New Coils “clean room” - all new coils, low & medium voltage, AC & DC, are made in a dedicated “clean room”, by skilled staff with special equipment & top quality materials, directly from major manufacturers all around the world.
  • Varnish Impregnation & Drying - we can perform any method on varnish implementation, according to each repair requirements - VPI, dipping & potting. Drying procedure & moisture removal through two drying ovens. Varnishing / drying cycles according to International Standards.
  • Machining & Side Works - NAYTEX can perform almost every needed work besides rewinding, including machining (even complex tasks & custom made constructions - hard chrome plating), balancing (two balancing machines - rotating parts up to 7 tones) & painting (separate paint area - with ventilation system & water sprinklers), in our workshop by our personnel, in order to supply top quality & strictly controlled services.
  • On Site Repairs & Maintenance - whenever the circumstances require services on site, we provide 24h / day in each customer's premises, repairs or/and maintenance with the high standards & quality of NAYTEX.
Nowadays NAYTEX's brand name is on the top list of major Greek Industries (cement, iron & steel, aluminum, refineries etc), among world famous workshops & manufacturers / repairers.