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“One - Stop - Shop at your Services”
Providing services to major shipping companies has been the main activity of NAYTEX for many decades. Through the years we have accomplished countless repairs of all kind, such as:

  • Generators Repairs & Maintenance - installing, rewinding, tests & measurements, settings & auxiliary equipment (synchronization, load sharing, AVRs, alarms).
  • Motors Repairs & Maintenance - same services as above - all needed works to deliver motors of any power & kind, in full & normal operation.
  • Main Switchboard Services - studies & drawings, construction & install, renovations & repairs, main switches tests & measurements, new equipment supply.
  • Automation Systems & Alarming - studies & drawings, construction & installation, renovations & repairs, new equipment supply.
  • Accommodation Installations - studies & drawings, low voltage installations (data / voice & audio / visual networks, security systems), lighting (internal & external), galley repairs & installations, new equipment supply.
  • Surveys & Technical Support - we provide technical support during survey, including tests & measurements (e.g. megger tests), technical reports & tender documentation, drawings (layouts, sections, diagrams & details).
All above services are provided 24h/day - 365 days/year - on site/worldwide. While in our workshop we can manage repairs on equipment with weight over 15 tones & perform additional works like cleaning & drying, impregnation, machining, balancing (heavy rotating parts up to 7 tones), etc.

Our permanent & highly trained personnel are the key factor which gives NAYTEX characteristics such as: reliability, speed, flexibility & security.

For all those reasons, most major shipping companies of Greece have chosen NAYTEX as a stable & reliable partner through years. And nowadays our customer list is constantly expanding with new co-operations, culminating in annual contracts with GREEK NAVY, NAYTEX is the exclusive repair provider on motors & generators repairs.