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“Worldwide Services with Personal Care”
Most of the services mentioned above in the SHIPPING field, have been provided by NAYTEX to yachting repairs as well, customized of course to the specific requirements imposed on yacht installations. For each one field, we present the following indicatively:

  • Motors & Generators - we are very experienced in every repair, maintenance, installation, set up etc. Especially we can set in parallel operation any kind of generators, off shore connections, 380/240/24V networks, providing fully automatic switching, auto load sharing, AVRs, soft starters & inverters etc.
  • Main / sub Switchboards - we can build fully customized switchboards for new & existing yachts, according to customer's requirements (essential - non essential loads, alarming, all kind of indicators & meters, PLCs).
  • Automation & Integrated Systems - any kind of automation (supply, construction & installation) & integrated systems cabling (water & fuel gauge/level systems, bow thrusters & stabilizers, wheelhouse installations, navigation & communication systems, PID controllers, CAN BUS etc - cabling & networks construction).
  • Accommodation & Entertainment Installations - data / voice networks, audio / visual networks, satellite & internet, security & safety systems, automate & remote control (audio, lighting, safety).
  • Surveys & Technical Support - we provide technical support during survey, including tests & measurements, technical reports & tender documentation, drawings (layouts, sections, diagrams & details).

All services above are provided by a dedicated team of qualified staff, 24h / day - we always use top quality marine parts & accessories (all needed certificates are available).